Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Forum for Discussion

Date: Wednesday, May 7th
Time: 6pm
Location: EFA Project Space, 2nd Floor 

Moderated by Sharon Louden, Artist and Editor 

Panelists include:
Sean Mellyn and Jennifer Dalton, Artists and Contributors to "Living and Sustaining a Creative Life"
Christian Viveros-Faune, Writer, Curator and Art Critic for the Village Voice
Paddy Johnson,  is the founding Editor of Art F City and writes a column on art and Internet for artnet news

At a time when art is increasingly viewed as a commodity and art-school graduates feel that gallery representation is imperative for making a living and a career, it is more important than ever to show the reality of how an artist sustains a creative practice over time. The 40 essays collected in "Living and Sustaining a Creative Life" are written by artists in their own voices and take the form of narratives, statements and interviews. Although each story is different and unique, the common thread is an ongoing commitment to creativity, both inside and outside the studio, that helps define what "success" means to a professional artist today.