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Saya Woolfalk

Artist's Website

No Place is a fictional future considered for the investigation of human possibilities and impossibilities: imagined configurations of biology, sociality, race, class, sexuality, and the environment designed as a reflection on contemporary human life and its future.

No Place is characterized by a Candyland-like landscape inhabited by polychromatic people who have a perfectly empathetic relationship with one another and the environment.

There are two narratives that contextualize and elaborate on this place. In the first, No Placean history reveals that paradisiacal No Place is created on the ruins of an over-consuming dystopia called The Land of the Pleasure Machines. In the second, a group in 2008 called the Empathics happen to come in contact with the people of No Place. To better communicate with what they understand to be a future utopia, the Empathics develop a series of rituals that bring No Placeans logic into the present to try and escape the dystopian temporailty of the Pleasure machines.

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