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Dannielle Tegeder

Artist's Website

The output of my practice consists of multi-disciplinary projects inspired from a primary interest in painting and presented in wide-ranging formats: including installations, and drawing,

I use these different combinations of visual approaches in order to reflect upon the history of painting, biology, the interconnectedness of the electronic age, vast quantities of information, architecture, urban planning, and other aspects of our collective experience. My work comments on these subjects by investigating the ways we visualize vast quantities of information. By means of display, map making, design, and charting, that are a result of my own long-term relationship with mechanical drawing, my work tends to recast, question, fictionalize, and even re-imagine the real.

My way of working primarily uses drawing as a starting point and has been greatly influenced by my childhood in New York, growing up in a family of Steamfitters. As a child I was taught the trade of mechanical drawing and planning for electrical and plumbing routes in large industrial buildings. Although I was always interested in the visual arts, I felt most comfortable in a "multidisciplinary" context, intermixing this aspect of drawing, architecture and urban planning, in my practice.

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