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Javier Romero

Artist's Website

I’m interested in the exploration of visual and technical aspects relating to the artistic process, as much as in the potential qualities of an idea and the formal representation of the images.

The first three images are mixed media drawings from 2013, with graphite, color pencil and collage, which belong to the Series “Wild Grasses”.

Images 4 and 5 belong to a series of twelve collages called “Roofs”. These works merge the schematic and unique architectural plans of the Alicante architect Francisco Fajardo (1895-1953) with appropriated photographic images of European gardens. Fajardo’s work becomes a minimalist geometric diagram of sorts for collages incorporating the garden images.

Works 6 and 7 belong to “The Scratched Drawings” Series. They are spatial studies in which surfaces of graphite on paper are crossed by scratched lines made by knife directly on the paper, some random and some in balanced equilibrium. These works operate as spaces in which the boundaries between planes and lines seem to lose definition.

The last three works are collages on drafting and tracing paper with mixed media that are part of the series  “Garden Floor Plans”. They convey an abstract representation of gardens as artificial nature in settle dialogue with architectural plans.

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