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Printmaking Services

Contract Printing

We offer contract printmaking services in monotype, lithography, intaglio, relief and digital print processes for galleries, foundations, and individual artists. Pricing varies based on project parameters. Please contact RBPMW at rbpmw@efanyc.org or 646.416.6226 for more information.


Printers Without Presses

Our Printers Without Presses have been trained to assist artists in the workshop. They are availible for edition work, as technical advisors on personal projects, or for private instruction. Pricing is project specific. Please contact RBPMW at justin@efanyc.org or 646.416.6226 for more information.


Editioning Rooms

RBPMW has two fully self-sufficient editioning rooms available for rent at $250 per day. The etching editioning room has a 36” x 60” Charles Brand Press, separate soaking sink and staple-down unit. The litho editioning room has a 40” x 72” Takach-Garfield electric press with a plate backer and rollers. Both rooms are fully stocked with basic supplies (inks, solvents, etc.) Please contact RBPMW at rbpmw@efanyc.org or 646.416.6226 for more information.


Steel Facing Services

1st 1- 144 square inches (12” x 12” plate or smaller) $35
Each additional square inch $0.20
Remove existing plating $5.00

NOTE: Additional charges may apply for services required out side of the normal services listed above. In these cases, all additional charges will be discussed and agreed upon prior to plating.


Stone Preparation

Our staff is available to grind and level your litho stone for you. Turnaround is one week.

$60 for stones under 18” x 22”
$100 for stones over 18” x 22”


Photo Lithography Plate Production

The shop is equipped with a metal halide Olec exposure unit and can shoot plates up to 36” x 60”. Photo plate production pricing begins with a flat rate and then varies based on the size of the plate and complexity of exposure.

Price = $60 + cost of plate


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