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Sarah Leahy

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Artist Statement 2013

The paintings are made through a labor-intensive process of applying permanent black ink on a 1/4” clear sheet of plexiglass. Using paper towels, water, ink and fine grade sandpapers, the plexiglass is repeatedly painted with an ink wash and sanded, slowly building up the embedded image. The rubbed surface has a luminous depth and density, darkness is the accumulation of ink, while light is the white wall viewed through the translucent glass.

What may appear to represent an image or photograph, especially reproduced in digital form or on paper, is entirely different in person. Looking at the image and surface the viewer can see every pass and touch that the painting received. Even the original preparatory work of sanding down the surface is evident. The artist’s process emphasizes a tremendous compression of time and attention, gradually the image develops, becomes focused, and comes forward.

Sarah Leahy is represented by Kim Foster Gallery: http://kimfostergallery.com

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