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Hong Seon Jang

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My work explores the ideas of balance and reconciliation by creating works that evoke a fundamental recognition of our space and environment and reflect physical fragility in our daily life.  It mainly corresponds to my interest in the similarities of structures, symbols, and information between human and non-human life forms.  The main concept is a fascination with how the human body interrelates and balances with various physical and systematical forces in everyday life.  My work consists of installations often made out of common products and industrial objects that are discarded or recycled.  In giving these everyday materials new meanings and aesthetic possibilities, I strive to explore concepts of the Eastern philosophies of the circulatory life system and the continuous flow of connections, and to re-create or manipulate the representation of natural organisms so that they embody new contexts of physical existence. By attempting to understand and redefine aspects of different life systems and their associations with our entity as my subject matter, I intend to generate questions and emphasize tension relation to a dialectical understanding of the universe, such as the contradiction between physical fragility and danger, renewal and development, substance and emptiness, creation and extinction.

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