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Eunjung Hwang

Artist's Website

The main aspect of my art making is to explore unexorcised images from the world of dreams and infancy, follow them to their farthest points and then represent them in unique combinations of digital and physical form. My intended result is to fully restore the dynamic and beauty of the intense image world.

My projects start from creating a variety of characters which root in dreams and subconscious images. In a belief of animism, everything in my artistic observation has been represented as a form of visual characters. The characters unfold narratives by their fantastic reality following a structure of interwoven dream logic.  Different narratives are connected to each other through this dream logic. The narratives loop through a series of imaginary cycles of infancy, dream, death and the beyond. The overall narratives are meant to be enjoyed like rhythmic structure of music rather than readable stories. 

Blog: http://blog.eunjunghwang.com/   

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