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Amy Hill

Artist's Website

Painting is both a material and historical process. Fifteenth century Flemish paintings are my current inspiration. The beauty of the figures are shadowed by a sense of unease created by the awkwardness of the poses and the incorrect anatomies. My stylistic kinship with these artists compels me to keep their works alive by updating and refreshing them. Using oil paints and traditional techniques I claim their portraits as my own by replacing their clothing with current styles, especially those that allow an abundance of rich detail, rendering each tooth of a zipper and every letter of each designer logo, today’s descendants of their abundant folds, lace, gathers and puffs. I choose bohemian trends, a colorful contemporary option that relates to myself as a visual artist living on the fringes. At the same time I try to maintain the primordial conflict within each subject, the battle to conform to the social constraints of the day while remaining individual.

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