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Lauren Gohara

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The drawings intermingle found graphics and drawings from life. Organized in overlapping compositional waves are economic charts, sketches based on photos from conflict-ridden regions, news clippings, maps plotting environmental change, reproductions of paintings by artists who sought a new spiritual vocabulary, tracks from particle physics experiments, Buddhist symbols, renderings of natural objects. Scattered and intertwined throughout are personal references:  dots from an abstract series, black feathers, and a melodic line posing the question, “Do you think you can tell?” from a Pink Floyd tune.

There is apparent randomness but a hidden organization, as elements drawn from economics, nature, art, spirituality, and science swing through the image. The image extends off the paper on all four edges, pointing to its continuous nature. What is captured is an isolated segment out of a timeline or a far bigger field.

The picture plane is divided into 3 sections in the proportion 3:5:2, taken from classical Chinese and Japanese hanging scroll paintings. Above are the heavens, below is the earth. Between them is the field in which human activity takes place – what appears more vivid, more tangible, more present to us. Nonetheless, certain elements extend through all 3 spaces. They point to that which is, or may be, happening beyond the range of our normal attention.

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