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Heejung Cho

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I conflate painting, sculpture, drawing and installation to create visceral, dynamic art pieces. The work celebrates lived life in the city while performing impossible spatial and perspectival feats. My works develop and exploit tensions between representational clarity and formal wizardry, presenting everyday scenes in dramatic and unexpected ways: buildings dive radically into space, denying the walls they are mounted on, streets swoop and swerve in a dizzying manner. My subject matter is mundane but my formal presentation of it exalts the everyday to the epic and the magical. 

My work represents familiarity and alienation between people and environment. We constantly interact with people and space in daily routine. The interaction creates a sense of reality and a psychological map of daily life. Using woodcarving, painting and collaging, I create the local places that contain emotional transition and ephermaral reality in life. They are empty and exaggerated in perspective, giving an optical illusion in between 2 and 3 dimensions.

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